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SaniClean™ The Future Today!
"There are products in development that will help make restrooms cleaner and healthier places.

These materials, which act as a self-disinfecting surface because they are antimicrobial, will in the future show up in sinks, countertops, and other areas most commonly touched in restrooms."

Dr. Charles Gerba is professor of Environmental Microbiology, University of Arizona, Tucson, and a world-renowned expert on bacteria who has been conducting studies on restroom germ and bacteria issues since 1973.

SaniClean™ goes beyond sanitation...
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Got Germs?
According To The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), If You Have A Public Restroom You Do. The CDCs Goes On To Say That Hand Washing Is The Single Most Important Means Of Preventing The Spread Of Infection.

The Problem!
When People Finish Washing Their Hands In A Public Facility, They’re Almost Immediately Exposed To Germs That Linger On Faucet Knobs And Door Handles. Continual Disinfection Of Public Restrooms During Business Hours Is Not Practical And Lets Face It A Large Percentage Of People Using Your Restrooms Do Not Wash Their Hands.


The Answer!
Whether It’s Invisible Germs Or Unsightly Mildew, You Can Help Your Patrons, Staff
And Tenets Stay Healthy With Regular Use Of EPA-Approved Sani Clean Disinfectant and Sealing Products.
- Eliminate the spread of viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew in your restrooms forever!
- Restore and protect your restrooms from graffiti permanently !
- Stop the degradation and deterioration from mineral deposits and hash chemicals!
- Prevent odor causing germs from ever happening in your restrooms!

SaniClean™ is a one time process of restoration and sealing of all of the surfaces in a restroom. Once done, use of Sani Clean products maintains a perpetual “ForeverSani™”  environment.

“Technology With Integrity – Results Through Affinity – Partnership With Character”